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Language: Hungarian

Average response time: half hour – 8 hours

Average move frequency: 14 per day

Average number of active games: 14 in parallel

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GamePlayersStateLast event
Augmented Knight (O2)sportember victormmf sportember's turn4 hours ago
Adjutant Chesssportember Nordlandia Nordlandia's turn6 hours ago
Coregal Chesssportember Nordlandia Nordlandia's turn6 hours ago
Almost Chesssportember Nordlandia Nordlandia's turn6 hours ago
Perfect Chesssportember Nordlandia Nordlandia's turn6 hours ago
Wide chess II.sportember msmester msmester's turn6 hours ago
Janus Chesssportember Gyula Gyula's turn6 hours ago
Chess 960sportember bfarkas bfarkas's turn6 hours ago
Four-Handed Chesssportember Uray M. János
 victormmf KlingonBorgTatar
KlingonBorgTatar's turn8 hours ago
Far chess (9)sportember KlingonBorgTatar KlingonBorgTatar's turnone day ago
Nightrider Chess II.sportember KlingonBorgTatar KlingonBorgTatar's turnone day ago
Pawns for Queensportember KlingonBorgTatar KlingonBorgTatar's turnone day ago
Nightrider Chess III.sportember Uray M. János Uray M. János's turnone day ago
McCooey's Chesssportember Uray M. János Uray M. János wonone day ago
Monster Chesssportember Nordlandia sportember wonone day ago
Ladder Chesssportember Andrys Andrys's turnone day ago
Janus Chesssportember Gyula Gyula wontwo days ago
Double Chesssportember Nordlandia
 KlingonBorgTatar Ico7
Ico7's turntwo days ago
Four-Way Chesssportember Nordlandia
 Ico7 Gyula
Ico7's turntwo days ago
Wide chess II.sportember Nordlandia Nordlandia won4 days ago