Chess variants


1. Different initial positions

The only difference from chess is the initial position.

(23 variants)

2. Different board sizes

Played on a rectangular board, but not on the usual 8x8.

(19 variants)

3. Fairy chess pieces

Involve new chess pieces not used in standard chess.

(20 variants)

4. Modified rules

Differ from chess in a general rule, like the goal.

(11 variants)

5. Different grid-based board

The board is still grid-based, but not rectangular.

(10 variants)

6. Hexagonal boards

Played on boards with hexagonal fields.

(8 variants)

7. Other kinds of boards

Played on special boards different from the previous ones.

(4 variants)

8. Three-player chess

Chess variants for three players.

(5 variants)

9. Four-player chess

Team based chess variants for four players.

(8 variants)