Chess 960

List of public games

GamePlayersStateLast event
Chess 960motornicza moltke1986 moltke1986's turnhalf hour ago
Chess 960shogi AndrewM AndrewM's turntwo hours ago
Chess 960Viktor the Great AndrewM Viktor the Great's turn4 hours ago
Chess 960pass Wizzboy974 pass's turn8 hours ago
Chess 960dandylionhoneybadger Polyrhachis dandylionhoneybadger's turn9 hours ago
Chess 960Avelix71 Viktor the Great Avelix71's turn10 hours ago
Chess 960AndrewM dandylionhoneybadger dandylionhoneybadger won13 hours ago
Chess 960Viktor the Great Uray M. János Uray M. János's turn3 days ago
Chess 960sportember Viktor the Great sportember won4 days ago
Chess 960moltke1986 motornicza motornicza won8 days ago
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