Site rules

To protect Green Chess and the players on this site, we need to set up some rules.

1. General
  1. Be nice to each other. Don't insult, harass, attack, annoy, troll, spam, humiliate or threaten anyone on this site.
  2. Use the site properly. Don't try to attack, crack, exploit, overload or damage the website in any way.
    But helpful experiment and testing is welcome.
  3. No warranty. Use the site at your own risk.
    The creator of Green Chess is not legally liable for any damage this site might cause to anyone, even though he does his best to ensure that it never happens.
2. Profiles

For certain features of the site, like playing with others, you need to create a profile, i.e. sign up.

  1. You can create a profile by providing
  2. You are not allowed to use multiple profiles. (But you can play with multiple colours in the same game if you wish.)
  3. Only humans (not robots) are allowed to create profiles.
3. Chess
  1. No external help. Use your own knowledge when playing with other players. Don't use any external help (e.g. computer, other person or book) when deciding which move to make in the current position.
  2. Please move in time in all of your active games, and don't let others wait for you for too long. If it's your turn, and you don't move in two weeks, you lose that game.
    Exception: in the first round (i.e. before all players has moved), you can quit the game without losing.
  3. Don't talk behind other players in multiplayer (three- or four-player) games, i.e. don't communicate about the game position unless all players are involved. In particular, don't consult your teammate privately during four-player games.
4. Data policy
  1. We use your provided data in the following way:
  2. Logging. Whenever you connect to the server of Green Chess (e.g. load a page or make a move), we log this activity, including the page you visited, the type of your browser and your IP address (but only those data that your browser sends us automatically anyway). We use this to investigate errors (e.g. if you report one), for moderation, and for collecting anonymous statistics. We delete the logs automatically after a month.
  3. Cookies. We use cookies ethically, i.e.: