Gliński's Chess

Chess variant

One of the most known hexagonal chess variants, played on a regular hexagonal board. Each side has three bishops and nine pawns.

Movement of the pieces

More details about non-pawn piece movement: Hexagonal chessboards

Pawns move towards the opponent's side. They capture obliquely forward to an adjacent field (in rook's directions). They can advance two fields from their initial position. When a pawn moves to an other pawn's initial position by capturing, it can still make a double-move.

Pawns promote on the opposite two edges of the board.

Other rules

Otherwise the rules of chess apply, with the following difference:

Similar variant

Władysław Gliński, 1936[] – the difference is that Gliński's original version counted stalemate as not a draw, but a half-win (3/4 points), while on this site it counts as a draw (1/2 points) like in standard chess.

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