Fairy chess piece

Superqueen Superqueen

Fairy chess piece that combines the power of the queen and the knight, i.e. it can move not just like the queen, but can also make a knight-move:

Superqueen = Queen + Knight

Note that it can control 5x5 squares around itself.

Chess variants

Its value is far more than the queen's. It is somewhere around a queen plus a knight, maybe a little bit even more. Using the usual valuation of the pieces, its value is approx. 12-13 points (the queen's is 9).

Basic checkmate

The superqueen can mate the king in its own. The special is that it can do it without the support of its own king.

PiecesResultMoves (?)
KingSuperqueen KingWin4 – 1.8
KingQueen KingWin10 – 5.6
KingRook KingWin16 – 9.9

See also: Basic endgames with fairy chess pieces.

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