Monster Chess

Chess variant

Chess variant where White has only king and some pawns, but moves twice in each turn. Black has the usual set of pieces, and moves only one in each turn.

The number of white pawns is four by default, but it can be changed.

Otherwise the rules of chess apply, with the following differences:


For defeating White, Black has to control not only the usual 3x3 square around the white king, but a larger, 5x5 square. That is why the white king is called monster.

White almost certainly wins after promoting a pawn, but it is not neccessary. White can even win without any pawns if the white king approaches the black king, and it has no time or space to escape.


The king can capture the bishop on the first move, even though the bishop is protected, because moving into check is allowed on the first move. After that the king must retreat, for example to its original field.

The king can capture the pawn first, then the rook. It does not matter that the pawn is protected, only the rook matters.

White wins after moving the king one square towards the black king (on the first move), because it can capture the black king on the second move. The king can always capture the opposing king, even if that would put itself into check. Therefore, the black king needs to avoid the 5x5 big square aroung the white king.

Black checkmated white. White cannot escape check even in two moves.

An other checkmate from black.

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