3. Chess variants with fairy chess pieces

These chess variants involve new chess pieces, which do not exist in standard chess, but are similar to those.

Chancellor and archbishop

Chancellor = Rook + KnightArchbishop = Bishop + Knight

The chancellor combines the power of the rook and the knight.

The archbishop combines the power of the bishop and the knight.

Capablanca's Chess

10x8 board, with chancellor and archbishop

Gothic Chess

10x8 board, with chancellor and archbishop

Janus Chess

10x8 board, with two archbishops

Almost Chess

Chancellor replaces the queen

Sort of Almost Chess

White has chancellor instead of queen, while Black still has queen

Chigorin Chess

White has chancellor and knights, Black has queen and bishops


Superqueen = Queen + Knight

The superqueen combines the power of the queen and the knight.

Superqueen Chess

Superqueen instead of queen

Superqueen Chess II.

Both queen and superqueen on a larger board

Perfect Chess

Each rook-bishop-knight combination occurs exactly once


Nightrider = KnightKnight...

The nightrider is like the knight, but it can continue leaping in the same direction.

Nightrider Chess

One knight is a nightrider

Nightrider Chess II.

Both knights are nightriders

Nightrider Chess III.

Wider board with many nightriders

Short rook

Short rook = Rook ≤ 4

The short rook can move only four squares at once.

Short Rook Chess

One rook is a short rook

Short Rook Chess II.

Both rooks are short rooks

Top-heavy Chess

Queens are superqueens, rooks are short rooks

Half Top-heavy Chess

White has superqueen and short rooks against Black's usual set


Augmented Knight

The knights are extended with a new power

Asymmetric Augmented Knight

The knights are extended with a new power, but different for the two players

Centaur Chess

The centaur moves like the knight or the king

Grasshopper Chess

The grasshopper moves by jumping over an other piece